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Epsolon’s Business Intelligence Services takes your architecture, processes, technologies and tools and turns this raw data into information to help you make better decisions in your business. We will help your company leverage its BI investment for strategic advantage, allowing organizations to extract, distill, and organize data from systems to integrate their vision into action-based objectives. Our BI experts will show you how to channel feedback from operational activities into the strategic decision-making process for continuous learning and strategy optimization. With our services, your entire organization becomes more productive and effective by accessing, leveraging and applying market and operational data. We acquire, cleanse, enhance and transform the data to prepare it for analytics, then implement and integrate the tools required for data acquisition, data warehousing and analysis. Plus, our consultants help coach you on the use of the tools so that you understand and employ the right data for decision-making.

Epsolon's BI Practice will help you design, construct, and maintain a powerful business intelligence solution that leverages your existing systems. Our solution will enable strategically focused planning, offer insight into competitive markets, facilitate full compliance with regulatory guidelines such as Sarbanes-Oxley, and provide world-class reporting for every aspect of your business. Drawing from our experience with major BI packages and custom solutions, Epsolon will analyze your business processes and help you decipher disparate software products to develop a best-of-breed solution. Our proven methodologies and flexible delivery allow us to select and implement a BI solution that meets the needs of your organization.
Epsolon's BI practice has is lead by one of the industries finest professional who can assist you in all aspects of your BI environment, from tool selection and project preparation, creation of the business blueprint to go-live. We deliver innovative and cost-effective solutions tailored to the unique needs of your organization.
Epsolon’s BI practice provides many benefits to companies utilizing its services. We eliminate a lot of the guesswork within an organization, enhance communication among departments while coordinating activities, and enable companies to respond quickly to changes in financial conditions, customer preferences, and supply chain operations. We improve the overall performance of the company using information, often regarded as the second most important resource a company has (a company's most valuable assets are its people). So when a company can make decisions based on timely and accurate information, the company can improve its performance. Epsolon also expedites decision-making, as acting quickly and correctly on information before competing businesses do, which can often result in competitively superior performance. We also improve customer experience, allowing for the timely and appropriate response to customer problems and priorities.