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Contract to Hire

Hiring the right personnel is top priority for companies in all businesses on every level. Getting it right makes the difference between success and costly mistakes. Managers who surround themselves with strong staff benefit from efficiency and productivity. Employers have discovered that the smartest way to hire a new employee is through a Contract-to-Hire (“CTH”) Program. It is difficult to effectively evaluate a candidate without seeing their performance on the job. Basing a hiring decision solely on interviewing leads many employers to unknowingly hire the wrong candidate, and find later discrepancies in how a candidate and/or their references represented themselves in the interview process, even though Epsolon significantly reduces this risk.
One way to avoid hiring mistakes and ensure that you find the best employee for your company’s needs, culture and work environment is to bring candidates on a contract employee. This allows companies to assess a candidate’s true abilities, productivity and interaction with their current staff before bringing them on as an official member of their team. CTH placement and the search for qualified candidates often becomes a learning experience for companies as well. As screened candidates interview or temporary employees perform functions, jobs may be restructured, required skill sets changed, or searches completely redirected.
This is why many managers turn to Epsolon to help with team building. They choose CTH placement to make sure recruits are the right fit and possess the skills to be effective. Managers dedicate time to managing their departments while Epsolon conducts searches, screens applicants, and matches skills and personalities to positions and teams. The client's energies move from the interview to the evaluation where performance and fit can be judged more accurately. CTH situations provide a bridge to full time employment, by allowing employers to try a candidate for a few days or a few months, until they are confident that the candidate is a correct fit for both the position and the company.
Likely candidates for CTH position are individuals who are already working temporary assignments while looking for a permanent position. Many of these candidates prefer a temporary-to-hire position because it allows them to evaluate the company and ensure that they too are making the right employment choice. Discerning individuals will appreciate the chance to evaluate a company before committing to a career direction. Accounting Advantage recognizes that this is among the situations in which a CTH scenario could be the ideal career choice for you. Individuals who possess the skills, but lack experience, can find the ideal opportunity to get their foot in the door, or CTH can also be a good way to ensure a steady stream of income while seeking the right opportunity.
If using a CTH program to evaluate new employees is of interest to you and/or your company, it is beneficial for you to partner with Epsolon that specializes in CTH and direct hire placements. We screen candidates and only present you with qualified, pre-tested and skill evaluated candidates who are aware of the CTH process and what it entails. Our inventory of active job seekers brings ideal candidates forward, and our screening means managers save time and recruiting expenses. We place recruits on our payroll while managers, staff, and new hires try out. We continue to work with new employees throughout the trial period.
Using an Epsolon will also allow you to manage and effectively communicate with the candidate while they go through the hiring process. We are the service capable of giving you the chance to exhibit your skills and develop new ones. Epsolon addresses your unique needs by offering solutions with respect for both your status and your schedule. Furthermore, by using Epsolon, We handle all employment compliance, payroll and employee benefits until our client decides to make a full time hiring decision.
Epsolon Benefit
  • No time is lost in finding an applicant to fill the position.
  • The employee's work history is known to the client company.
  • The employee is already familiar with the business environment.
  • The need for additional screening, training, and interviewing is eliminated.
  • Our Client gains productivity and reduce risk.
  • Duties are executed in their area of expertise.
  • Companies perform where they excel.
  • Companies save money.