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Custom Development

Epsolon features fully customizable software development services on a project or staffing solution basis which are immensely helpful to solve the unique problems of the organization. Custom software development of Epsolon is designed for your specific business requirements which will be a great help for your achievement of business objective. A simple software package is not enough for today’s multi-faced businesses. Custom web software of Epsolon is just perfect for your company. We have hundreds of customers who are immensely satisfied with the service of the Custom Software of Epsolon which they frequently use to solve their problems. If you take the custom software application of Epsolon for your business, it will solve both the prevailing problem and significant amount of money.

Epsolon comes up with great knowledge and experience in providing custom software development or solutions to wide range of companies and organizations. Working with Epsolon will significantly reduce the IT costs. Epsolon’s business software is the best in the industry because our custom software development team features immaculate knowledge and experienced state-of-the-art project managers.
Epsolon boasts a team of architects and engineers working on the Microsoft, Linux and Java platform powered by a management team with years of IT experience. Epsolon also immensely experience in CRM, Sales Force Management, Training Applications, Help Desk, Trouble Ticket, Financial Application, Complex Back Office Application, Legacy Migrations, Product Engineering, Enterprise-Wide IT outsourcing program management and EAI.
Epsolon features highly developed skills on vibrant platforms like PHP, Cold Fusion and .NET along with that we also combine the power of state of the art web application software that brings business knowledge services as well as technical experience to this area. Epsolon holds the pride of successfully dealing with endless list of software projects for business all around the world including top notch companies and Fortune 1000 companies. All these make Epsolon a perfect choice for software Development.
In today’s fast world, the development cycles are reducing and the complications of software are increasing. But Epsolon successfully deals with this drawback. Here we execute the modular approach to software application development. We work in such a way that the cost gets reduced and the productivity increases. Epsolon’s custom software development team works in unique way by dividing the large projects into different miniature.
Epsolon boast Software Development Services which help our clients to stay in touch on the progress throughout the project and as per their requirements we can administer changes. The entire process has been maintained by Epsolon in very transparent way. To sustain in a competitive world, you have to make your business far more efficient and more effective. For this, purpose the software applications of Epsolon are the best remedy. A web application will help you in combining database and programming, and also allow you to work together, share data, and run certain aspects of your business from a web browser.
Does your business deal with software development market, desktop or web based application? If the answer is yes, Epsolon is the perfect solution for you. Here from Epsolon you will get some excellent solutions that suit exactly the mood of your business and its needs. Whatever your software development plan is, Epsolon will fit anything. Epsolon will perfectly gel with the requirement of your new or existing projects, including analysis, database design, coding, testing and implementation not restricted by technology, language or package.
Epsolon is expertise in state of the art custom software designing, development for the Internet, and embedded systems. Epsolon features a team of efficient employees and they offer the best custom software for Fortune 1000 companies to earn more revenue. Epsolon is a core of best of the best talents who strongly committed to deliver you top-notch custom software for your company and in affordable price. We maintain a simple approach in providing software application and keep ourselves focused on the following guidelines. The applications that we deliver serve the purpose of our clients and increase the business productivity. In the whole process Epsolon’s custom development and web application team upholds honesty and transparency. These guidelines are simple but our reason for success. Today Epsolon holds a great reputation which helps us too in consistently growing and developing.
Epsolon’s custom software development team employs their plans by the software solution utilizing custom database design and development, network architectures and programming. The software solutions that we develop should be highly effective and it should be able to serve the purpose of our client and improve business processes to gain maximum revenue in the industry. Epsolon offers the clients database software solutions on both Microsoft and Linux platforms using an array of integrated technologies. Epsolon executes both commercial and open source software solutions and offer hardware and software services along with maintenance agreements.
Epsolon utilizes both available commercial models and platforms along with some and exclusive Epsolon technologies in order to design and develop web and e-business applications. In these spectrums the company requires considerable amount of interface development, customization, programming and systems integration. Budget, scalability, and future evolution plan are analyzed while determining the selection of method. B2B, B2C, and Portal, Auction, or Community sites designing need database design, and development. The tools of Epsolon include: Java applications, Scripts, applets, servlets, CORBA clients Enabling existing applications to Web / Internet / Intranet HTML, DHTML, SGML, XML, Perl, CGI, VB, ASP, Cold Fusion programming Windows NT, Oracle, ColdFusion, Linux, mySQL, PHP, Web integration with existing applications & databases Back-end integration of Oracle, SQL Server, Access, DB2, Informix, Sybase, etc. to web (JDBC, ODBC) Integrating tools and other applications to web Applications development in Java (Sun, IBM, Java Swing, JDK, Beans, EJB, Visual Cafe, J++, etc.) Distributed computing for Java (RMI/CORBA) Building multi-tiered distributed systems, scaleable, transactional, persistent, distributed components - deployable across different operating systems, databases, application servers. Though, C++ has been using for a long time, yet the language is very much demandable among the developers. C++ still secrets loads of surprises. C++ developers at Epsolon’s custom software development and web application team are immensely talented and acquire tremendous knowledge. These developers provide fantastic application for your business requirement. The Java programming offers stronger, quicker, and more complete platform for software application. Java is the genuine standard for developing custom based software. Thus Epsolon incorporates the array of Java technology to offer the ultimate supremacy of Java programming. Epsolon also incorporate Microsoft .NET technology while creating Enterprise Applications. We work on .NET because it is fully mature and a strong development technology and it also help us to focus on highly developed, commanding and winning techniques and procedures.

Epsolon focuses on .NET essentials and a comprehensive look at the base class libraries. We also learned how to leverage legacy COM components from .NET and port C++ applications to .NET, implement transactions, harness .NET security, and build Enterprise applications. We harness globalization, distributed processing, model-driven design and Web programming as well. We're particularly proud of our .NET capabilities. XML is much stronger than its ancestors in providing you the better result. It can offer you immaculate and powerful language for custom software development. XML with its web application helps you in custom file formats, component software development, database integration and much more. XML features a common instrument for sharing information among its users.
To fulfill the requirement of the customers, successful software is directly attributable. Epsolon thus includes the best of everything right from the latest information to the mutual requirements gathering, agile modeling, use cases, business rules, business modeling, user-centered analysis and robustness analysis. The reason for creating Web Services Architecture is to make you familiar with the architectural implication of developing Web Applications. Epsolon masters in designing ace custom software that will help your business flourish. Epsolon’s outstanding Web Services Deployment team tries their best to offer you the protocols, languages, technologies and tools to build powerful and reliable Web Services. These tools include HTTP, UDDI, Axis, J2EE and JAXM and many more. The spectrum of Epsolon is not limited in the country. It is vast and expansive as it associates with a broad network of offshore software development teams. With the help of these overseas programmers Epsolon delivers quality work and that too in comparatively lower costs. Our offshore software development team takes all of your responsibilities and you can easily concentrate onto the business functions. We will provide you with the best in the industry and that’s also in affordable price.
To ensure bright quality of all the services offered, Epsolon implies quality management for each product development stage, including requirements management, development processes, product functionality and usability, delivery and technical support. Epsolon’s actual labor is significantly lower producing software at up to 30% lower cost than our competition. We undertake every aspect of your project: requirements management, product design and architecture, programming and development, quality assurance, documentation preparation, technical support, and maintenance. To guarantee the secure management of your trade secrets, source codes, copyrights and any information involved in the product development, we sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).