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Epsolon’s Database and DBA Services can assist you whether you're implementing the latest in technology or proven technology that is simply new to your company's environment. We start with Architecture and design which is truly at the center of any Database and DBA Services offering. Whether it's for a self-contained business function-level application or an enterprise wide system, everyone knows it's extremely difficult to recover from poor or inappropriate design. Epsolon can ensure that the most critical phase of systems development is done right. Time-critical troubleshooting is often handled through our Managed Services group, which in that respect can be viewed as somewhat of an insurance policy -- ensuring that skilled DBAs, who are knowledgeable with your system, are readily available to put out a fire if it occurs. However, we have been known to take on firefighting assignments outside of our Managed Services group -- our instinctive response is wanting to help.

High availability and scalability through Databases is a cost-effective technology to ensure maximum uptime for a company's mission-critical systems, while also ensuring they can easily scale to handle increased future workload. When correctly architected and implemented, this technology is solid and reliable -- Epsolon's expert DBAs have the experience necessary to ensure success.
Performance and application tuning is where our reputation began. Epsolon's expert DBAs routinely perform miracles, or what is perceived as miracles. Whether it's a quick fix (instance hero) or complex brainteaser, our DBAs thrive on the feeling of accomplishment when finding the problem and then creating a finely tuned environment.
Supplemental expert support can be handled by our implementations services group for longer-term engagements. For shorter-term engagements (occasional spikes in workload) that require "just-in-time" resources, our Managed Services group is your best option.
Database and application migrations are best handled by experts on the platform being "migrated to." Whether companies are dealing with inherited systems (through mergers or acquisitions), old legacy systems or a consolidation of multiple platforms, they often do not have the skilled resources available to properly architect a new environment. EPSOLON brings those skills to the table -- not only with Database expertise, but also with working knowledge of many of the most common source database and file systems. In addition to these skills, EPSOLON also provides tools to simplify the process.
Data integration within heterogeneous environments -- that's a mouthful. What does it mean? It's the ability, through the use of a proprietary tool, to easily access data transparently -- making the data appear as though it is coming from a data source. The net effect is the saving of money, time and effort.

Epsolon Services will help you increase your company’s business productivity by reducing your business cycle time (from product/service placement to completion). By integrating software used by various departments, requests can be processed faster. By decreasing bottlenecks, your company can deliver more with fewer resources. Epsolon Services can help your company reduce errors by automating certain business processes. For example, your company can validate data entered by an employee and create checks and balances between employees. Epsolon Services allows you to see critical business data, such as your company’s current DSO (days sale outstanding), length of your current sales cycle, and quantitative success of your direct mailer campaign instantaneously in real time. Epsolon Services can help your company provide better customer service by web enabling certain data sets in existing software applications. This increases customer interaction with your company while reducing the need of human resources. Epsolon Site Services can help your company decrease costs. By streamlining internal business processes such as form filling or ordering online, your company can reduce the need for human personnel and hence decrease costs. Epsolon can help your company digitally automate its internal processes and make its processes seamless.