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Direct Hire

Businesses rely on Epsolon to meet their direct and permanent staffing needs with tailored placement solutions. As a proven leader in providing skilled, qualified staffing support, we can apply our recruiting and selection expertise to find the right people for our client’s positions. With the depth of our resources and experience, we can save time and money and assure a successful match to specific needs. Epsolon provides sourcing services to hundreds of clients, from Fortune 500 to start-up companies just building their staff. Whether its one employee, 20 or 200, we can meet the hiring needs in a comprehensive range of skill areas. Our Representatives work with our client to gain a true understanding of the position, requirements and the environment.
Advertising doesn't always reach the best candidates, and the time required to sort and screen hundreds of resumes can be truly staggering. Our recruiters are trained interviewers. We spend countless hours each week interviewing candidates. This experience builds expertise and a level of knowledge about the interview process that sharpens questioning and probing skills, and improves the judgment and instinct needed to separate top quality candidates from “the rest”.  Recruiting process today can be complex, costly, and full of risk. And, you have little assurance of actually finding what you need.  Unfortunately, the cost of hiring cannot be measured only in the cost of advertising and travel expenses for candidates. By the time you hire a new employee, your company has spent thousands of dollars in time, in the administrative process and procedure required to enroll a new employee for payroll, benefits, and retirement plans, and more. Not to mention the weeks it can take to orient a new employee to their new job. Hiring on your own, your company faces time constraints, lost productivity, significant risk, and a far greater cost than is reflected by simply looking at the cost of advertising for open positions. Your hiring decisions are vitally important to your company's success. Making the investment in a good hire is a wise investment in your company's future - because the cost of making a bad hire can be far greater than the cost of hiring right the first time. Competition for talented and capable professionals in today’s marketplace is fierce. Attracting the best and brightest to lead your company is vital to its success and growth tomorrow. Utilizing a competent search professional is the foundation of this process.  Our trained search professionals tap into an extensive network of contacts to identify and locate those professionals whose careers are defined by a track record of success and accomplishment.  An organization’s leaders exemplify their company’s unique culture, style, and value system. Our search professional begins the search process by gaining insight into and understanding your company’s unique and specific culture. With an understanding of these intangible, yet critically important traits, our search consultant seeks only those candidates who truly “fit” your organization. The best and brightest are in demand. Visionaries who will lead the successful businesses of tomorrow are building successful companies today. These talented and accomplished professionals aren’t reading Internet job postings, and they won’t be located through traditional recruiting methods such as newspaper ads and employee referrals.
Our staff is a unique blend of Certified Personnel Consultants and Information Technology veterans who have successfully combined their professional search talents and their IT expertise to create a dynamic agency that truly understands your core needs at the technology level.  We have a proven method for producing the right talent to make your IT hiring and your IT projects a success. Comprising decades of expertise in locating and identifying top quality candidates for our client companies. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality of service in our industry. At Epsolon, we take pride in representing only the best candidates available - to save you significant time, effort, and provide confidence that each hiring decision is the right one. We take the time to gain a thorough understanding of the company, of the position, and the specific needs and situation that the new employee will step into. Finding a candidate who "fits" the situation is critical. Don't take time and energy from your core business trying to find the people you need. Let us handle what we do best — finding the right people for your requirements. Contact your Epsolon today.

Epsolon Benefits
  • Commitment to find the right person for the right position
  • Access to experienced recruiting experts
  • Exceptional, pre-screened candidates who fit your culture
  • Expertise of our specialized recruiting focus
  • Time savings resulting from extensive pre-qualification
  • Cost savings
  • Competitive advantage resulting from a larger pool of candidates
  • Successful placements and increased retention
  • Enhanced Reporting Tools for Better Decision Making
  • Ensure the Right Fit
  • Increased HR Utilization
  • Risk Management – At ROI Vantage our clients never receive an invoice until the candidate has completed their full guarantee period.
  • Guarantee – 90 day replacement guarantee.
  • Volume Discounts