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Epsolon Inc
was founded as a Cisco® TrainingCenter in February of 2001, as a privately held firm. The worldwide headquarters of Epsolon are anchored in Houston, Texas.
The early mission of ESRI focused on the principles of providing the technological know how of emerging technologies in the field and products of the world renowned company “Cisco Systems”. The firm carefully trained specialist to work considering the wide necessity of certified professionals in the networking arena. Built upon an overall industry experience without the need for venture capital or going public funding. From these early entrepreneur visions emerged concepts for processes and tools that could be applied in all Information Technology environment.
During 2001 Epsolon devoted its resources to developing and applying a core set of training tools that could be applied in a computer environment to create a Global information system.
In 2002 Epsolon got in perfecting the process of luring and retaining trained and experienced Certified Network Engineers to accomplish superior network solutions for our clients. This shift enabled its clients apply the principles of distributed processing and data management across multiple locations.
Epsolon evolved from a small services firm to a large services organization dedicated to IT Services by focusing on its clients. The relationship between ESRI and its clients is synergistic. Over the years a unique culture has evolved, a culture that is quality-focused and which emphasizes a team-based approach.
The later years brought more change and evolution. The global presence of Epsolon grew with expansions of branches spreading in Asia and Africa as well. Epsolon Networks Inc. has since been in the addition, we have secured a pool of quality talents in application development, deployment and support of various aspects of IT. Epsolon further addressed the needs of the business-to-business market and business-to-consumer market as an integral part of its related family of services.
Today, Epsolon services are poised for even greater growth. Innovations in computer technology allow sophisticated operations to be performed in the field on a personal digital assistant (PDA), on desktops, and throughout the enterprise. Faster and cheaper computers, network processing, electronic data publishing, and easier-to-use tools are fueling rapid growth in the IT arena. Businesses are adopting technology as a decision support tool. A trusted collaborator to our clients, including some of the world's largest enterprises, and proven through hundreds of successful client dealings. Developing strategic relations with best-in-class supplier in telecommunications, infrastructure technology, application software, systems integration and operations consulting.
ESRI employs a diverse staff and offers employment opportunities to qualified professionals from around the world and has a richly diverse work force. Attracting Certified Experienced Professionals in network engineering, software, applications, infrastructure, customer service, process integration, network security, help desks, and integrated managed services. A World Class Team that not only brings solid technical backgrounds to the job, but have good Communications skills, "Can do" attitude, and Highly motivated towards achieving end results.
Epsolon is privately held, debt-free, and there are no plans for the company to go public or change ownership. The company's focus remains on producing excellent services and delivery models to users. We at Epsolon believe that better information makes for better decisions. Our reputation is built on contributing our technical knowledge, our special people, and valuable experience to the collection, analysis, communication and delivery of services and solutions.