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While Epsolon has years of experience working in the staffing arena, we often seek to provide subcontract support to act as a supporting partner of a contract that has been awarded to another IT organization (A Company Like ours with relationships to End Clients). Understanding how difficult it is to fill some positions within a project support structure even after the contract has been awarded or to fill in all the positions referred by a client to fill in. Issues such as relocation, compensation, scheduling demands, and specific expertise requirements can be a challenge even for the best service organizations, and we take care of it all. Epsolon seeks to help you to overcome those obstacles through our nationwide recruiting and staffing affiliates network. While you focus on building and keeping your relationships. Our recruiting team makes sure your client is 100% satisfied. In most instances your client is never revealed of our identity and we dance the steps by your rules. We constantly work with our staff to ensure effective interaction with your customer work teams, ensuring maximum productivity.
Epsolon's unique and highly effective Subcontracting process utilizes state-of-the-art Requirement System, coupled with access to premier website and internet search engines, as well as our Direct Source relationships with industry leaders and experts. We bear all the expenses in most cases and always take care of the legalities such as visas, payroll, benefits, etc, saving you all the hassle at a cost which is very competitive with what an independent contractor will charge you. We pride ourselves on a 24-48 hour response time for most requirements.
By providing as simulation to the domestic technology marketplace, exciting project experience, education, certification, and career path assistance, we will build, attract, retain, and produce the best Information Technology talent pool in the world.
We give companies like yours a smarter way to create and sustain competitive advantage. The basis of that advantage is organization and access to the core competencies, expertise and knowledge that are otherwise unexploited in an organization. To continually strengthen our status as a global market leader in Information Technology Subcontracting we continually provide value added, comprehensive I.T. staffing services with leading edge technology tools and techniques and let you do what you are best in - Building and Keeping relationships with your Clientele.
Epsolon Benefit
  • Utilize our systematic best practice to efficiently and effectively search the marketplace for your position.
  • Quickly locate candidates with the right skill set and obtain references to meet your needs in a timely manner.
  • Help you find a candidate to work with on a temporary basis at cost that is almost what you will pay other wise.
  • Save time and costs.  Avoid the process of advertising, screening and interviewing for open position.
  • Reduce your recruiters lost job orders and professional search costs.
  • Accomplish project work or manage an unexpected work overload without hassle. 
  • Fill an open position until a replacement is hired.
  • Reduce the cost, time and risks associated with hiring 1099.
  • Fill seasonal positions.
  • Provide a workable solution for transitional employees when your company experiences growth or downsizing.
  • Finally increase your recruiting workforce by a virtual humongous workforce.