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Epsolon takes a strategic approach to meeting your staffing requirements. We do more than put a body in a chair or close an open position. Our quality focus solution ensures we meet your specific business objectives. We source from a highly qualified, diverse talent pool and consistently provide the best candidates – well-matched and delivered on time. Epsolon understands the critical role that the workforce plays in operations. We know how to apply that knowledge to deliver the right people for your business. Whether you’re looking for permanent, contingent resources, ongoing temporary staffing or staff augmentation solutions, Epsolon can provide a customized solution that works for you.

With an account team of seasoned, specialized HR professionals who are dedicated to your business. Implementing a fine-filter evaluation process that ensures only the most qualified candidates are identified, processing a broad range of qualitative and quantitative behavioral and technical skills, helping medium-to-large companies staff for their volume hiring needs, long-term assignments and mission-critical projects to cyclical demands. We recruit across a wide range of categories and specialized skills.

Epsolon’s Staff Augmentation Solution provides the services that are needed for excess or special workloads to work on an as-needed or contingent basis. Epsolon understands the challenges our customers face when attempting to monitor independent contractors in accordance with IRS and state regulations. Our services provide customers with optional on-demand comprehensive risk and liability analysis. Our Clients can also opt for assessing a promising candidate by engaging him or her as a contract employee through Epsolon. If fully satisfied, the employee can be offered a direct position with our client. Our Customers can also refer individuals with proven skills to Epsolon, and we can hire them as contract employees assigned to that customer at a reduced cost.
Epsolon’s Direct Hire or Permanent Placements can provide dedicated, flexible, and responsive recruiting teams that source qualified candidates for your direct hire requirements. We guarantee all of our placements and never charge a fee to our employees. Our services also include reallocate company resources of selected departments to Epsolon. We administer these departments completely, from hiring employees to providing management reporting and achieving set goals and objectives.

Epsolon Staffing Advantages
Epsolon’s Staffing guarantees a consistent level of staffing, overcoming service level fluctuations resulting from vacation scheduling conflicts, sick days, etc. This done by listening to our clients and understanding their specific needs. We analyze their particular situation, and then combine the people, process and technology aspects of a client’s operations that address their unique requirements and delivering optimal results.

Our Staffing solution ensures technically proficient resources, trained and acclimated to your environment. Epsolon's "Perfect Match" candidate will provide immediate, effective, "on demand" fulfillment. Each service offering from Epsolon uses a specific, formal process to analyze the situation and achieve results. Our processes are the culmination of years of experience managing challenges, and assure our clients that solutions can be implemented optimally.
Epsolon's risk-free candidate matching gets you the resources you need, while freeing your time. Valuable time that would otherwise be spent reviewing resumes, doing phone screens, conducting interviews, testing and checking references of candidates from a vast pool of unproven applicants, spending more time in your core business competencies that you are best at. Our team and resources are one of the best in the business, with seasoned professionals from world-class global consulting firms and major corporations. Our reputation allows us to attract highly qualified professionals that meet your exact specifications. These experts have proven experience that translates into immediate action, so they are not learning at our client’s expense.
Our experience with a wide range of Staffing situations enables Epsolon to provide best of class solutions and an objective viewpoint to projects. We carefully analyze your needs before recommending actions, and we have the scope of services to provide the proper results.
Finally Epsolon’s Staffing Solution saves you money. Organizational commitment to quickly solving problems and maintaining quality assurance practices that keep clients satisfied. We actively share knowledge and ideas across projects and accounts so that our clients receive the full breadth and experience of the Epsolon expertise. We eliminate support latency time, down time and candidate "search" time. Everyone in business agrees - time equals money, and time saved means money saved.